13 Steps to Writing a Song

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  The heart and soul of the music industry is great songs. So, that’s the first thing you need if you want to have a successful career as an artist. Unfortunately, the steps of writing a song can be intimidating to the beginner musician.   How do you write a song? How do you start?…

11 Tricks For Overcoming Songwriters Block

11 Tricks For Overcoming Song Writers Block Banner

  Songwriter’s block is every artist’s worst enemy. It’s something that even the most creative individuals experience, yet it can still be super discouraging whenever it happens.   You may be on a roll with a song idea, when out of nowhere you hit a roadblock. For whatever reason your mind draws a blank and…

The Hit Songwriting Formula (8 Tips For 2020)

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  For many songwriters, having a number one single is their biggest goal in life. A top of the charts song is enough to make a comfortable living for the rest of your life but having a hit isn’t easy. You may be saying to yourself; “if only there was a magic songwriting formula for…

15 Easy Tips for Learning How to Write Songs

15 Easy Tips For Learning How To Write Songs

For those who’ve spent their career as musicians playing with other artists, learning how to write a song can be a challenge. Many artists believe this isn’t something that can’t be taught but I disagree.   When I first started writing songs years ago, I had a hard time figuring out how to start. I…

New Licensing Opportunity

We wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to license your music with the International Songwriting Competition. ISC 2017 is reopening entries for a special promotion called Screen Shot, running December 4 – 13, 2017. ISC is looking for songs that are appropriate for Film, TV, Ads, Video Games, and other licensing avenues….

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