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EQing Vocals: A Definitive Guide (20 Tips)

Nine times out of ten, vocals are arguably the most important part of a song. They are what convey the message of the music and pull the listener into the story being told. Unfortunately, properly EQing vocals can often present many problems to the recording engineer.   I struggled a lot with this when first…

9 Pro Tips For Mixing Kick Drum

9 Pro Tips For Mixing Kick Drum Banner

  The kick drum is an integral piece to master when mixing a song. It often serves as the heartbeat that keeps all other elements glued together forward and creates a foundation for the production.   Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions around properly mixing the kick drum and it’s not given nearly enough…

9 Vocal Comping Tricks For Perfect Vocals

9 Vocal Comping Tricks For Perfect Vocals

  One of professional recordings best kept secrets is vocal comping. The vocals in a professional recording often sound flawless compared to those that come out of a home studio. This was frustrating when I first started into recording vocals. I couldn’t figure out why my work never sounded as perfect as those in commercial…

Want Better Mixes? Try These 5 Steps

**UPDATE: THE LIVE WEBINAR IS OVER BUT THE REPLAY IS AVAILABLE ONLINE UNTIL SUNDAY AUGUST 19TH. CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS TO THE REPLAY AND HIT THE “SAVE MY SEAT” BUTTON. Do you feel like your mixes don’t seem to compare to what you hear on the radio or your favorite streaming service no matter what you do?…

Licensing Christmas Music

Have you ever written a song about Christmas or thought about writing one? Summer may have just started but the search for holiday themed music has begun. Music supervisors start looking for Christmas songs in the summer for their upcoming holiday season productions. Whether it’s an original or a cover of a Christmas classic, holiday…

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