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How To Make It In The Music Industry (17 Tips)

Concert Crowd with text that reads "How to Make It In the Music Business"

  Trying to make it in the music industry can be discouraging and may seem like a lost cause at times. But there are plenty of artists out there who have done just that. So, what’s their secret?   In this guide, we’re going to look at the following tips on how to form a…

15 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Music in 2020

15 Ways to Promote Your Music - Banner

  Music is made to be heard and no matter what genre you perform, having your music reach a large audience can be extremely rewarding. However, learning how to properly promote your music and grow your fanbase can be confusing territory to the indie artist.   How do you guys promote your music? β€” π•―π–†π–˜π–’π–”π–“π–Žπ––π–šπ–Š…

14 Band Merch Ideas and Tips To Increase Your Income

Band Merch Ideas Banner

  Many indie artists have no idea how integral band merch is to forming a viable career. Not only is it a great tool for advertising your music but if correctly executed, it can really increase your income. Β    what merchandise would you like the band to make? Anything from shirts, posters to life…

14 Tips on How To Write Song Lyrics

14 Tips on How To Write Song Lyrics Banner

  Learning how to write song lyrics for the first time can be a daunting task. If you’ve never written any kind of music before, it can be even scarier, but it doesn’t have to be.   Can someone please teach me how to write lyrics?? β€” George Kelly (@george_kelly18) February 23, 2020   I…

10 Tips For Instagram Music Promotion (2020)

10 tips for Instagram Music Promotions Banner

  In our last post, we talked about how important it is to build a strong presence on streaming services such as Spotify. This week we’ll be discussing a similar topic, that is the importance of proper social media promotion for your music, using Instagram to be specific.   With the way the music industry…

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