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How We Placed This Song For Five-Figures

One of the best strategies you can use to get your music into TV & film is record a cover song. You might be wondering why would you give up the royalties and publishing sync fee instead of just doing your own song? Recently, we helped an indie artist get a healthy five-figure sync license…

How Important Is Mastering?

Have you ever been really close to the finish line and then blown it at the very end? The final stage of a song’s birth (after the writing, recording and mixing) is mastering. How important is it? If it is important, why?

One Of The Best Studio Tricks For A Vocal

When multi-track tape machines came out in the late ’60s, someone figured out you could use the extra tracks for more vocal takes of the same part. Then chop them together as a single master composite vocal track. This is still one of the best studio tricks out there. In this video, you will be…

How Your Indie Music Can Get To The Top

Do you feel like it’s impossible to get your music heard by the right people who can get your songs into TV & film? This video is about the head of one of the big TV studios who loves to support indie music. It’s not about who you know if your music is great, it’s…

Here Are The Song Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a song (and vote) to our 7 Day Song Challenge. We finally got the votes tallied and it was a super tight race with so many well-written songs. Here is the prize for the winner: * 75% off completely producing their song with me at Sundown Sessions Studio *…

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