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Before You Submit Your Song….

I’ve already been getting songs submitted for the 7 Day Challenge which is great, but I received some that haven’t been targeted for licensing. Just in case I wasn’t clear enough in the video, here is what I am looking for… To qualify for the contest, you need to pick a show, movie or ad…

I Know You Want To…

Is your New Year’s resolution to get your music licensed to TV & film crumbling under the weight of day-to-day life? I have a 7 day challenge for you and a belated Christmas gift to get you back in the spirit. Remember how hard it was when you first learned your instrument? Learning how to…

How This Successful Composer Started From Nothing (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of my interview with successful television composer, David Hamburger. He has composed for shows such as CNN “High Profits”, A&E “Shipping Wars”, and “My 600-lb Life”. This is a rare window into the world of composing for TV & film. Though no two people take the same path, you realize how it can happen…

Another Sundown produced song in the Top 5!

Congrats to Susan Odella!! We produced her song, “Fallen”, which made it to this month’s TOP 5 in the prestigious Songwriter Universe Song Competition. This is the second time Susan has placed a Sundown produced song in the Top 5. Check out the Before & After of “Fallen” here!

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