Before You Submit Your Song….

I’ve already been getting songs submitted for the 7 Day Challenge which is great, but I received some that haven’t been targeted for licensing. Just in case I wasn’t clear enough in the video, here is what I am looking for…

To qualify for the contest, you need to pick a show, movie or ad that you think your song would be perfect for. If you aren’t aiming for a specific target, I can’t help you perfect the song for it. All you need to do before you write your song is go to YouTube or and pick a movie, TV show or ad that your music seems to jive with the most. Then write a song along those lines in your style, send it to me before June 8th and tell me what you targeted it for.

The majority of artists out there make the mistake of using a shotgun approach when trying to license their music. That means they send in a song they like, but doesn’t have anything to do with what the music supervisor is actually looking for. In almost all cases, the song doesn’t get selected and then the supervisors don’t want to have anything to do with the artist because they come across as not understanding how the process works.

I won’t be able to consider any songs that aren’t targeted to something, because it ends up being just a waste of time for everyone involved. Again, I apologize if I wasn’t clear enough in the video about this. Remember, this is one of the biggest keys in getting out in front of the pack when it comes to licensing. Once you know this, you’ll understand how come so many songwriters out there don’t succeed in licensing. It’s about working smarter, not harder!



PS In case you missed the 7 day challenge video you can see it here.

PPS A couple of people emailed saying that they were embarrassed to submit their music for everyone to hear, because they thought it didn’t sound good enough. Don’t worry we all know these are super rough demos recorded at home. It’s the song that matters. Besides, if you win, once we’re done with it it’ll sound awesome!! 🙂