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5 Tips For Recording Cello (Mic Placement & More)

5 Tips For Recording Cello (Mic Placement and More)

  The cello is many people’s favourite instruments in the string family. It’s rich, emotional sound and versatility make it an excellent addition to any production. However, when it comes to things like mic placement or mic choice, recording the cello can be a difficult process.   When I began recording, I struggled regularly with…

13 Integral Drum Recording Tips

  Tracking drums is an important part of any recording process and there are plenty of tips you want to keep in mind while doing so.   They are the heartbeat that keeps a song moving forward and set the foundation for all other elements. If done improperly, the rest of the musicians will have…

Mixing Acoustic Guitar (13 Tricks The Pros Use)

Mixing Acoustic Guitar (13 Tricks The Pros Use)

  The acoustic guitar is one of the most widely used instruments in the music industry. It’s found its way onto countless records and continues to be a weapon of choice for all songwriters. Despite its prominence mixing acoustic guitar can be a difficult task for the beginning engineer.   When I was first getting…

Home Recording Studio Checklist

Home Recording Studio Checklist Banner

  Setting up a space to record your music at home can be a daunting task. When I first began building my own home recording studio I had no idea where to start, with endless options and brands to choose from.   I made countless mistakes errors spending thousands on unnecessary gear or equipment that…

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