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17 Professional Tips for Mixing Lead Vocals

Mixing lead vocals can be one of the most difficult concepts to grasp for the beginner engineer and indie musician. When I was first starting out I struggled with this and it drove me crazy. No matter how much I treated my vocals I just couldn’t get them to sit properly in the rest of…

Professional Tricks for De Essing Vocals

De essing vocals is a highly underrated technique in mixing and many engineers don’t utilize it to its full potential. This is unfortunate as sibilance caused by things like esses or Ts can be an audio engineer’s nightmare.   These artifacts may not be an issue when recorded but can become amplified when the vocal’s…

Beginners Guide to Miking a Piano

The piano is one of music’s most versatile and prominent tools to the singer-songwriter. With such versatility however, comes great challenge when miking a piano for home recordings.   Piano Miking Summit (Sweetwater) : Tips from the Pros. — reaktorplayer (@reaktorplayer) March 16, 2018 The piano can be a daunting instrument to record…

15 Top Parametric EQ Plugins in 2019

In my opinion, the most valuable plugin in a mixing engineers toolbox is the parametric eq. Our job when mixing is to shape sound, removing problem frequencies and enhancing other areas. The parametric equalizer lets us do this with great flexibility, making it an indispensable asset.   The Equalizer is an important    In the…

9 Vocal Comping Tricks For Perfect Vocals

One of professional recordings best kept secrets is vocal comping. The vocals in a professional recording often sound flawless compared to those that come out of a home studio. This was frustrating when I first started into recording vocals. I couldn’t figure out why my work never sounded as perfect as those in commercial productions….

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