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15 Gig Booking Tips (How Musicians Find Gigs In 2019)

Some artists are content just recording music and releasing it online. However, most people seek a career in the music industry to play shows and perform in front of an audience. Unfortunately, one of the most daunting tasks every musician faces is finding and booking gigs.   Hey musicians: how do you book gigs when…

17 Tips on How To Build a Loyal Fanbase in 2019

There are plenty of reasons to pursue a career in the music industry. However, all of them fall flat without an audience to appreciate your music. Unfortunately, learning how to build a strong and dedicated fanbase is a daunting task.   It can be hard to know where to start, especially when you’re at square…

DistroKid vs CD Baby: Finding The Best Digital Aggregator

DistroKid vs CDBaby

  In the current music industry, if your music isn’t on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music, you’re missing out on a massive listener base. The tool for getting your music on these platforms is known as a digital aggregator, the most popular being DistroKid and CD Baby.   CD baby or…

7 Benefits of Online Recordings Studios

7 Benefits of Online Recordings Studios Banner

  If you’re an indie artist looking to start releasing music, you may be wondering the best way to go about the recording phase. Many artists releasing music online don’t realize the importance of studio recordings. However, high quality productions play a huge part in an artist’s success or failure.   I do have a…

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