Here Are The Song Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a song (and vote) to our 7 Day Song Challenge. We finally got the votes tallied and it was a super tight race with so many well-written songs.

Here is the prize for the winner:
* 75% off completely producing their song with me at Sundown Sessions Studio
* Together we’ll make sure the song is perfectly produced for the movie/ad type or TV show it was targeted for
* We’ll help you actually pitch your song to the right industry folks
* We will show you how to do it so you can easily do it with your other songs

The runner-ups, 2nd and 3rd place gets 50% and 25% off recording at Sundown Sessions Studio respectively.

Drum roll please…. as voted by you:

1st place “In Spite Of It All” by Ivan Petrov

2nd place “One More Time” by GL Moses

3rd place is “I Have A Voice” by Malcolm Lally

And as a last minute decision, we also thought we’d add a “Producer’s Pick” to share the first place prize. Though this song was voted lower down on the list, I was impressed by how thoroughly it was targeted. And as a producer, I felt it was super strong with a great shot at music licensing success. Let’s make some waves with this song too and see if I still know how to pick ’em. 🙂

The Producer’s Pick is: “Let’s Play” by Kepa Freeman.

Really looking forward to working with you all!


P.S. Ultimately we wanted this contest to be a perfect case study so you can see how easy it is to start getting your music licensed to TV & film.