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Beginners Guide to Miking a Piano

The piano is one of music’s most versatile and prominent tools to the singer-songwriter. With such versatility however, comes great challenge when miking a piano for home recordings.   Piano Miking Summit (Sweetwater) : Tips from the Pros. — reaktorplayer (@reaktorplayer) March 16, 2018 The piano can be a daunting instrument to record…

9 Vocal Comping Tricks For Perfect Vocals

One of professional recordings best kept secrets is vocal comping. The vocals in a professional recording often sound flawless compared to those that come out of a home studio. This was frustrating when I first started into recording vocals. I couldn’t figure out why my work never sounded as perfect as those in commercial productions….

7 Techniques for Miking Drums at Home

There’s a ton of misconception around miking drums in a small home studio. When first starting out a lot of people (myself included) have a hard time properly capturing a drum kit in a budget studio. This is largely because everything can be limited including space, microphones and inputs. The common belief is that due…

11 Key Tips for Miking Acoustic Guitar Like a Pro

In the recording world, guitars manage to find their way into most forms of music in one way or another. Miking the instrument can be difficult however and despite its significant appeal, too many home recorded tracks fail to reach their full potential due to a poorly recorded acoustic guitar track.   Kurt Cobain plays…

How Important Is Mastering?

Have you ever been really close to the finish line and then blown it at the very end? The final stage of a song’s birth (after the writing, recording and mixing) is mastering. How important is it? If it is important, why?

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