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EQing Vocals: A Definitive Guide (20 Tips)

  Nine times out of ten, vocals are arguably the most important part of a song. They are what convey the message of the music and pull the listener into the story being told. Unfortunately, properly EQing vocals can often present many problems to the recording engineer.   I struggled a lot with this when…

Mixing Acoustic Guitar (13 Tricks The Pros Use)

Mixing Acoustic Guitar (13 Tricks The Pros Use)

  The acoustic guitar is one of the most widely used instruments in the music industry. It’s found its way onto countless records and continues to be a weapon of choice for all songwriters. Despite its prominence mixing acoustic guitar can be a difficult task for the beginning engineer.   When I was first getting…

7 Reasons Mastering Music Is Important

7 Reasons Mastering Music Is Important Banner

  What Is Mastering and Why Should I Care?   Mastering music is a part of the music production that is shrouded in mystery. I constantly found myself questioning what mastering was when I was first getting started as an audio engineering. I didn’t understand why I should even bother sending my music to a…

9 Pro Tips For Mixing Kick Drum

9 Pro Tips For Mixing Kick Drum Banner

  The kick drum is an integral piece to master when mixing a song. It often serves as the heartbeat that keeps all other elements glued together forward and creates a foundation for the production.   Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions around properly mixing the kick drum and it’s not given nearly enough…

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