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How To Get More Spotify Plays In 2020 ( 15 Tips)

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  Spotify is one the biggest players in the current music industry. So, having a large fanbase on the platform can really help your success as an indie artist.  However, the world of Spotify is still shrouded in mystery and many artists struggle figuring out how to get more plays and build an audience.  …

8 of The Best Digital Music Distribution Companies (2020)

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  Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have taken over the way we consume music these days. It’s no longer just an option for the indie artist to have their music available to stream, it’s a necessity.   However, getting your music on these sites isn’t as simple as uploading a video to YouTube….

20 of The Best Music Business Books for 2020

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  Does 2020 have you looking for a New Years resolution you can make that you’ll actually keep for once?   Maybe you’ve considered catching up on your reading, educating yourself on the music business through the many industry books out there. Or, maybe you’re here because you’re looking for a useful gift for the…

How To Create a Music Website (13 Tips)

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  In the current music industry, having a strong web presence can make or break your career. However many artists overlook the importance of creating a well designed website for their music.   i wanna make an official website for my music/ merch/ etc. Can anyone give me tips/suggestions on what to use, how to…

10 Tips: How and Where To Record a Song

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  If you’re trying to start a career for yourself in the music industry, one of the most important assets you can have are great recordings of well written songs. However, many artists don’t really know where to start or how to go about producing their music.   I really want to record some songs…

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