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9 Tips For A Memorable Electronic Artist Press Kit

9 Tips For a Memorable Electronic Artist Press Kit Banner

  If you’re a musical artist who wants to have a successful career in the music industry, it’s integral that you create an eye-catching electronic press kit for your music.   An electronic press kit or EPK, is a one page document that quickly sums up an artist and their music. It’s given to all…

11 Marketing Tips For Song Promotion (2019)

11 Marketing Tips For Song Promotion Banner

  If your an indie musician, song promotion can be an intimidating but an integral factor to a successful career.   It’d be nice if after putting your music online flocks of fans discovered you with no effort on your part at all. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and it takes a lot of hard…

17 Integral Mixing Tips That The Pros Use

11 Marketing Tips For Song Promotion Banner

  Whether you’re just getting into mixing music or have been working in the industry for years, there’s certain approaches that rarely change. Though simple in concept, not everyone always thinks of these tips when they’re lost in the moment of mixing.   Below is a list of some of our favourite tricks to keep…

The Hit Songwriting Formula (8 Tips For 2019)

The Hit Songwriting Formula Banner

  For many songwriters, having a number one single is their biggest goal in life. A top of the charts song is enough to make a comfortable living for the rest of your life but having a hit isn’t easy. You may be saying to yourself; “if only there was a magic songwriting formula for…

11 Best Drum Mics For Home Recording

Recording drums at home is a difficult task and knowing what mics are best used for this can be tricky. First, you have to decide how many microphones you would like to track with. We have several guides that discuss this such as 13 Integral Drum Recording Tips and 11 Techniques for Miking Drums at…

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