Six Recording Podcasts Worth Getting Into

When podcasts first became a thing, most of us thought they got in the way of our listening time. But now there are so many great podcasts with so much information about the industry, that listening to them has become a part of our culture.


If you want to get into recording music, you should also be on the podcast train. Why bother learning things the hard way when knowledge can be gained by simply downloading an episode? Whether you’re looking for a little recording 101, or you want to know the latest insider tips and tricks, check out these podcasts for the best in music!

1. Pensado’s Place

Want to know what it’s like to professionally produce music? This is a dense, informative, frequently surprising video podcast about sound engineering. If you know the terms and want to see in-depth examples of workflow and techniques, this show is the best there is.

2. Audio Nowcast

Another great show where industry professionals give high-level advice, share stories, and explain new trends. Audio Nowcast hits a ton of music topics in each installment of the show. And it’s not just about recording: staff management, copyright law, marketing, and market trends all make it into the conversation.

3. Project Studio Network

This show isn’t even on the air anymore, and it still gets to be #3 on the list. Yeah, it was that good. Listen to the back episodes for an overview of recording techniques, both amateur and professional. Whether you are a studio musician or a home DIY producer, this show will help your game.

4. The Home Recording Show

This is the biggest home recording show out there. The hosts really shine when it comes to reviewing equipment, but their tips can be a bit complicated for newbies. We’d recommend giving a few episodes a try and see if it relates to your knowledge level.

5. Simply Recording

This podcast focuses on amateur home recording. It’s not from the pros who we see in our studios, but it is great for new musicians trying out things at home. The hosts, Graham Cochrane and Joe Gilder, are home recording vets who know how to break down complex concepts into simple instructions. This podcast is pretty much guaranteed to get you recording better tracks, no matter how much you already know.

6. TechMuze Academy

The name isn’t accurate: they talk about a lot more than tech. TechMuze veers often into other subjects like inspiration and workflow. What makes TechMuze special are the guests. They often land awesome up-and-coming musicians for talks about how recording techniques influence their art.

Whichever podcast you choose, the important thing is to start listening. There’s a wealth of information about recording tips, techniques and equipment coming from some of the best in the business.

Have a favorite podcast not on the list? Let us know what it is so we can take a listen!

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