Hear The 1st Song Contest Winner!

Here is the first showcase from our Song Licensing Contest! If you aren’t aware of the song contest, you can find out all about it here.

Kepa Freeman was chosen as the “Producer’s Pick” along with the winners you voted for.

Even though “Let’s Play” didn’t get enough votes to make the Top 3 finalists, I thought it was a very strong song and Kepa was incredibly methodical with his targeting. He sent us a very detailed description of what kinds of ads he was going for when he wrote “Let’s Play”, and even sent along some YouTube video examples.

When you listen to his song here, imagine it in an Old Navy commercial or something similar. Upbeat, playful, and super catchy. He did an excellent job of hitting the bullseye for what those particular music supervisors and ad companies are looking for.

This is how you want approach the writing and production of your songs for TV & film. It doesn’t have to sound like this, but your song has to be targeted to the show, movie, or ad you are aiming at.

I customized the production of the song to hit exactly what Kepa was going for, and we’ll be starting to pitch it for ad campaigns shortly.

About Kepa…

He was already playing piano by the age of 6 and writing poetry at 8 years old. He found a perfect duet of passions in the craft of songwriting, often spending hours at the keyboard creating mini-film scores, or hours in front of a notebook creating poems and raps. Kepa truly became a student of songwriting in his college years while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Music from Temple University. After 15 years of studying songs, classes, workshops, Youtube videos, Taxi TV interviews, and books on songwriting by several pro songwriters, he has found his home in the world of music sync licensing.

We asked Kepa what it was like working on his song with Sundown Sessions Studio, and he had these kind words to say…

“Working with Sundown was absolutely incredible. I set out with the goal of becoming a song factory. I want to be able to write the song, give it to a producer, and then move on to making the next one. The thing that I was most concerned about was quality. Sundown Sessions Studio delivered in spades. The final product was so crisp and so right, in ways I wouldn’t have even thought to ask for, and Chris, the head producer was not only professional, but educational! I feel like I’ve improved as a producer while working with him! More than anything, I’m confident that my song was done justice, and for future projects I have no doubts that the quality will be equally impressive.”

When asked about his future goals…

“My goals with songwriting are to work full time as a songwriter for sync. I don’t want to be famous. I don’t even want to be rich. I just want to work full time writing songs and getting them sync ready.”

We will do our very best to help him get there! You can listen to the Before & After of “Let’s Play” below.