FEATURED ARTIST – Bradley Edblom

Bradley Edblom is a Rock singer-songwriter from Kentucky who is currently working on a full-length album with Sundown Sessions Studio.

You can hear Bradley’s 1st song, “Bleeding”, here.

He gets most of his inspiration for his songs from his own life experiences, and you can really hear the authenticity of what he writes about. A naturally gifted singer with a depth of emotion rarely heard, we think Bradley’s music is headed for great things. We asked him a few questions about recording with Sundown Sessions Studio…

How did you first get involved with Sundown Sessions?
I researched online. With all the sites I looked at Sundown Sessions had the best reviews.

What were your first interactions with Sundown Sessions like?
From my initial contact with Sundown Sessions they have responded to every question and concern I have had. While actually completing my songs, Sundown Sessions has always responded within the time perimeters set.

How was the Sundown Sessions process for you?
Smooth and easy. Excellent communication with Sundown Sessions’ producer, Chris. Always prompt with responses back to questions or changes. Sundown Sessions made all changes exactly as I requested.
Was it difficult to work online?
No. A much easier process than the cost & time of working in a studio. Chris embraced my songs as if they were his own.

What was the inspiration and writing process for your album?
My personal life events. My songs are full of my emotions and experiences. Chris appreciated my thought process and internalized my feelings for the best possible finished product.

How did we help to get your songs sounding professional?
Chris has an excellent ear. He knows what he is doing. As I previously mentioned, he was able to suggest music that speaks to what I was feeling and trying to convey. They took old recorded music that I had and made it sound GREAT! They were able to filter out the old and and add new electrifying music. I love It! I would highly recommend Sundown Sessions to anyone interested in making your music professional quality!!

You can hear Bradley’s 1st song, “Bleeding”, here.