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How To Strategically Get People To Listen To Your Music

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This week we thought we would post a super informative video by one of the most successful artists in music licensing. It’s an older interview but still such relevant information. Moby explains why he started licensing his music and it may not be the answer you expected. The subject line of this blog is a…

New Licensing Opportunity

We wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to license your music with the International Songwriting Competition. ISC 2017 is reopening entries for a special promotion called Screen Shot, running December 4 – 13, 2017. ISC is looking for songs that are appropriate for Film, TV, Ads, Video Games, and other licensing avenues….

Licensing Music on Songtradr

Chris did an interview with Erin Dillon from for our sister site, Make Money From Your Music, and it’s all about how Songtradr’s music licensing site works. They are a relatively new company, but have a novel way for songwriters to license their music… and make some money from their “tip jar”. If you are…

How Your Indie Music Can Get To The Top

Do you feel like it’s impossible to get your music heard by the right people who can get your songs into TV & film? This video is about the head of one of the big TV studios who loves to support indie music. It’s not about who you know if your music is great, it’s…

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