Sundown Sessions’ Virtual Music Studio

At Sundown Sessions’ virtual music studio, we have world-class session musicians and engineers who set the standards of excellence in their fields ready to work on your songs. We not only want to make your song stand out from the crowd, we want it to sound like the chart-topping hits you hear on the radio everyday.

What sets Sundown Sessions’ virtual music studio apart is our commitment to making great music using the same studio talent as the top artists. Our senior producer, Chris Shreenan-Dyck, has multiple Juno award-winning albums under his belt, and is on the go-to lists of North America’s finest musicians.

Some of the artists our players and engineers have worked with!

Bruce Springsteen
Neil Young
Stevie Wonder
Aretha Franklin
Billy Talent
Willie Nelson
Mary J Blige
The Jayhawks
‘N Sync
Garth Hudson
(The Band)

Kanye West
Beastie Boys
Arcade Fire
Ben Folds
Christina Aguilera
Whitney Houston
Neko Case
Evan Dando
Chad Smith (RHCP)
Rob Holiday
(Marilyn Manson)

Sarah McLachlan
Alanis Morisette
Keith Urban
Iron & Wine
Dream Theatre
Sum 41
The Ramones
Kylie Minogue
Blue Rodeo
Collective Soul
Kevin Hearn
(Barenaked Ladies)

Maroon 5
Ani DiFranco
The Chieftains
Toni Braxton
Kris Kristofferson
John Spencer
Rich Robinson
(The Black Crowes)

Premium Mixing and Mastering

Having worked in the music industry for almost 20 years, we watched how technology brought sweeping changes to the industry at large and had a huge effect on the recording process. This technology ushered in an era that allowed anyone with a computer to record and release music, but unfortunately this was often at the expense of quality. Cheap home recording studios meant more artists could make music for their fans, but most couldn’t match the sound of the best studios.

Our goal is to address that issue by providing the highest quality music recording to all artists.

Relying on our previous experience working in premier recording studios, we decided to use the same technology to create the best of both worlds. A virtual recording studio with world-class mixing and mastering capabilities and premium sound for a fraction of the price. We’ve hand picked some of the best session musicians and mixing & mastering engineers in the world, and topped it off with a talented and experienced award-winning producer. We also decided that providing top quality at great prices wasn’t enough. We wanted your song production experience to be as easy and simple as possible even at the highest level.

Virtual Music Recording Backed by an Award-Winning Team

In our virtual recording studio, you get to participate in your song’s production every step of the way. You have full control over each stage while working directly with our producer so the end result can’t help but be stellar. Our approach to online recording has proven itself over and over again. Check out some of our client’s testimonials. One of the most important ingredients in making your song as good as it can be is the vision behind the production. It is not enough just to ask players to perform on a song no matter how good they are. This would be like an orchestra performing without a conductor.

The most successful recorded songs in history were orchestrated with the final product in mind, and that is the kind of quality we bring to you through our virtual music studio at Sundown Sessions.

Working one-on-one with a great producer, pro session players, and award-winning mix and mastering engineers gives you the kind of song production that stands up to the very best. Check out our before & after demos! We can make your music sound like a major label release in our virtual recording studio, all from the comfort of your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do

Recording studios are expensive, even for the pros, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to the best studio talent out there. Sundown Sessions gives you the chance to turn your rough demo into a professional sounding recording that you’ll be proud to share. It’s an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to experience the studio process. Click here for our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How Does It Work?

Sundown Sessions makes it easy: all we need is a rough recording of your song, even just a vocal part (you can even do this on a smartphone). Upload your material with some notes about your production ideas if you have any, including references to your favorite recordings.

The producer will review the song and begin to build the track in our virtual recording studio, directing players on tempo, key, etc. When each of the instruments are recorded, at each step along the way you’ll receive a rough mix for approval. The last step is to record the final vocal take (you can do this at home or at a local studio) and upload it to us for final mixing and mastering by our award-winning engineers.

Why Record With Sundown Sessions

We have access to some of the most in-demand world-class session players and engineers in the world, who understand how to make your song the best it can be. They have worked with the top artists you hear on the radio everyday helping them to achieve their chart-topping successes. Take a listen to our before & after songs on the site – we think the quality of our work speaks for itself.

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