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Looking for world-class music tracks on your song? Our session players have an amazing list of album credits from working with the top artists you hear on the radio every day. They help independent artists record professional quality songs by offering top-level talent for bass, drums, guitar, vocals, horns, and keyboard tracks.

NB – Our A-list session players are only available as add-ons to our full production packages. See our pricing page for details.

At Sundown Sessions, we make this professional level of talent accessible to everyone at a price they can afford. More importantly, we want the quality of our online music tracks to be first-class so your song can be the best it can be. If you are serious about your music, we want to give you the chance to have the very best talent at your fingertips. If you are recording with us using one of our full production packages, you can choose any additional players you like.

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Don’t Let Bad Things Happen To Good Songs

We are often approached by artists who had some music tracks recorded by other online recording studios that didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. It’s not to say that there aren’t some stellar online session musicians out there, but the problem is anyone who plays an instrument or has a studio these days can advertise themselves online as a pro. We don’t want you to waste your time and money trying to separate the great players from the mediocre ones. We believe if you want to sound like the top artists, use who they use for their music tracks.

A great session player is more than someone who knows how to play their instrument. They are musicians who understand the importance of listening to what is going on with the other music tracks in the song they are playing to. Each one of them has the best instruments available and the right “touch” from years of experience, so great tone is guaranteed. They also have the knowledge not to step on other players’ parts, plus they have a consideration of the whole song as they are laying down their tracks. Once you hear what our world-class session players have recorded for you, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. So much of the sound of the top artists is created by the session players’ music tracks, programmers, mix and mastering engineers they use.

In addition, you get one-on-one collaboration on your song with our senior producer, Chris Shreenan-Dyck. He has worked with multi-platinum selling artists and five of the albums he has worked on have won Juno Awards and seven have received nominations. Imagine getting that level of experience and skill from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the price of a top recording studio. The big advantage of having a producer at the helm when hiring online session musicians is knowing that the performance is being guided every step of the way to suit the song best.

It is important to have someone involved who has experience making award-winning recordings and a vision of how your song will sound its best. It’s not enough to have a nice tone and performance, but also how the music tracks blend together. When the final master is being played, everything has to work perfectly to say the same thing in their own way. A sound where nothing distracts from the message of the song, but creates the right energy to convey it. So much of this is from years of experience hearing what works and what doesn’t. One thing about a great producer is besides having great instincts for what sounds will make a big splash, is the tenacity to search until they find it.

To learn more, contact us online or call us toll-free at 1.888.805.8330.

Take a listen to our “Before & After” demos on the site. Our mission is to make major label production available to anyone at an affordable price.

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You take ZERO risk!

Recording is an investment no matter how you do it. We want to make your song sound like you always dreamed it could, and have the opportunity to experience working with world-class talent. To make it even easier for you to make that decision we offer the following guarantee:

If you are not totally satisfied, we will give you a full refund for any recording steps you haven’t approved. No questions asked.

We’ll leave you with a story about a band mixing an album in the days before mix automation. This meant that all the faders on the console had to be moved manually as the song was being mixed. Because there were so many music tracks in the song and the mix engineer had only so many fingers, he asked the band to operate their own fader during the mix. To his dismay at the end, all the faders on the board were pushed to the top as loud as they could go.

This wasn’t because each session player thought they should be the loudest, but they were listening intently to their part more than the others. As each player strained to hear their performance, they gradually raised the level of their fader like everyone else was doing. The lesson in the story is that there always needs to be someone with a vision of the song and how all the music tracks should sound together.

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