Online Demo Recording Studio for Songwriters & Artists

Have a great song but can’t afford to make it sound pro? Did you record in a home studio and it didn’t turn out the way you hoped?

With Sundown Sessions online demo recording services you can afford to have the best musicians and Grammy and Juno Award-winning engineers work on your music for a fraction of the price.

We figured the best way to get the word out about our new demo recording services was to let you see what we can do for you at an incredibly affordable price. Check out our DEMO page to see what we’ve done for other artists and songwriters like yourself!

The best way to get your music noticed is by having a quality recording of your song. Our demo recording services will make your song sound like a finished radio-ready major label album.

If you are sending out your music to record labels, music publishers, or TV & film folks, your songs need to sound as good as possible.

On first listen, people almost always judge songs by the way they sound and can almost never see the songwriter’s vision through a badly produced recording. Excuses such as “I ran out of time” or “the real recording will be better” don’t have much weight.

You have less than a minute to get their attention and hold it. It’s important to remember that they hear dozens of new songs a day. You need to stand out from the crowd so they will give your song a fair listen.

The more knowledgeable artists out there understand this and have used pro demo recording services like ours to get the advantage when submitting songs.

Jim Piper
Jim Piper
Ross Kessler
Ross Kessler
Lisa Swarbrick
Lisa Swarbrick
Brian Beckwith
Brian Beckwith
Doug Amell
Doug Amell
Adrian Hayward
Adrian Hayward
Ivan Petrov
Colleen Brown
Colleen Brown

Some of the artists our players and engineers have worked with!

Bruce Springsteen
Neil Young
Stevie Wonder
Aretha Franklin
Billy Talent
Willie Nelson
Mary J Blige
The Jayhawks
‘N Sync
Garth Hudson
(The Band)

Maroon 5
Kanye West
Arcade Fire
Ben Folds
Christina Aguilera
Whitney Houston
Neko Case
Evan Dando
Chad Smith (RHCP)
Rob Holiday
(Marilyn Manson)

Sarah McLachlan
Alanis Morisette
Keith Urban
Iron & Wine
Dream Theatre
Sum 41
The Ramones
Kylie Minogue
Blue Rodeo
Collective Soul
Kevin Hearn
(Barenaked Ladies)

Beastie Boys
Ani DiFranco
The Chieftains
Toni Braxton
Kris Kristofferson
John Spencer
Rich Robinson
(The Black Crowes)

Why Record With Sundown Sessions?

We have access to some of the most in-demand world-class session players and engineers
in the world who understand how to make your song the best it can be.

It’s important to remember that record execs, A&R, publishers, and music supervisors are just folks like us. They don’t have any better way of knowing what songs and artists will succeed and which ones won’t.

In fact, they all have such different tastes they don’t always agree on the same thing.

One thing they do all agree on though is professionalism and sound quality. If your music demos sound pro, your chances of being noticed are far higher. The top artists spend a lot of money on the best music producers, engineers, and session musicians for this very same reason.

They don’t take a shortcut when it comes to the quality of their songs and you shouldn’t either.

A lot of songwriters think that a demo is like an interim step between the songwriting and a full-fledged recording. This was true in the past to some extent but the most successful artists nowadays know that quality really counts.

The successful artists dedicate a lot of effort and money to make their demos sound almost like the final recording they wanted to release.

At Sundown Sessions we’ve taken that recording excellence and made it available and affordable to all artists and songwriters. When you work with our world-class team, you can be sure that your music will be as good as any recordings out there for a fraction of the price.

With our demo recording services we approach new music like an album project. No matter what instrumentation we are using or deadline we are under, it should sound as good as the hits on the radio. Our world-class session players, and award-winning engineers & producer are the top in their field and know how to craft the very best sounding music demos.

We recently produced three songs for three separate international songwriting competitions. One of the songs won 1st place, the other 2nd place, and the other made it to the semi-finals of the last contest! The songwriting was excellent, but equally as important was their production value.

The best studio production can’t put a song over the top if the writing isn’t up to par. If it is a well written song then our pro demo recording service will bring it out in all its glory.

How It Works

Getting Started

Simply record the song(s) you’ve been working on to your computer or mobile device. Upload an MP3 on our Contact page. Our award-winning producer will review your tracks and production notes and contact you so you can decide how best to showcase your ideas.

You don’t have to spend any time auditioning or locating the right players for the job – some of the very top session musicians already work for us.

We bring the best talent and gear to every project, which makes our step-by-step recording process effortless and exciting.

Once we have established the direction we need to take with your music, our world-class session players will get to work laying down their tracks on your song. You will hear each step of your demo recording which you get to approve before we move on to the next track.

Recording Your Vocal

After all the instruments have been recorded, we’ll send you an instrumental mix to sing to, and explain exactly how to do it. Simply send your vocal track back to us for the final mix at our online recording studio.

Mixing and Mastering

Your song is mixed and mastered by our multi-Grammy and Juno Award-winning engineers and will come out sounding like a radio-ready major label release. After it is finished you receive both full and instrumental only versions in both MP3 and WAV formats.

Shop Your Song to Film & TV Music Supervisors

Sync placement opportunities with music supervisors can take your music to the next level, and we can help! As an additional service to our valued clients who used our online recording services, we can provide artist and song exposure to music supervisors who place songs in commercials, television shows and movies – and the best part is the service is free! We only take a standard percentage if your song gets placed. Ask us how!

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