Chris SD – Online Music Producer

Our senior online music producer, Chris Shreenan-Dyck, is a renowned Canadian producer and recording engineer. He has multiple Juno award-winning albums to his name and was nominated for Engineer of the Year in 2012.

Chris has worked on albums for such artists as Feist, Neko Case, Bryan Adams, the legendary Kris KristoffersonBruce CockburnGarth Hudson (The Band), Blue Rodeo, and Ron Sexsmith among others over a career spanning almost 20 years.

He was eventually asked to be the house producer and engineer for multi-platinum selling artists Blue Rodeo at their studio called The Woodshed.

In 2010, Chris Shreenan-Dyck relocated to Los Angeles and in 2015 co-founded Sundown Sessions as an online music producer. Sundown Session offers online music mixing and mastering for independent musicians and artists.

We asked Chris how he got into music production before becoming an online music producer. “When I was a kid I was really into music. An uncle had given my sister and me a small portable record player and a couple of stacks of 45s. It was all 50s and 60s music that he grew up on from The Beatles to Herman’s Hermits. We used to play those records over and over driving my parents crazy I’m sure.

Later on I got into Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, and most days when I got home from high school I used to point the big speakers of my parent’s stereo system at each other and lie on my back between them like they were headphones. My ears would have been in between the woofers [laughing] so I guess that’s where I got my love of bass guitar.

A few years later I formed a band with my younger brother which had some indie success, but we eventually amicably parted ways due to artistic differences. Trying to figure out how I was going to record my music, I decided to learn how to do it myself. I worked with a lot of talented engineers while we were in the band, but I never felt I got exactly what I was looking for sonically. I was lucky to have learned a bunch of things from some great engineers including Daniel Lanois protege, Trina Shoemaker (Sheryl Crow, Iggy Pop…), so I started up a home studio in a cabin in the woods near Ottawa. I recorded a lot of local talent honing my chops and eventually ended up in Toronto which was the epicenter of the Canadian music world at that time.

I landed a job at a recording studio called The Woodshed which had an old Neve 8014 and a bunch of great vintage outboard gear. It was an amazing evolution going from using home studio gear and plugins to the real deal like U47s, C24s, LA2As etc. It probably felt the same way as a student violin player picking up a Stradivarius for the first time. The great thing about working in a big studio was getting to learn from real pro producers and engineers who came through with their projects. I got to assist on a lot of big records and was able to see what they were doing and how they were putting the record together. This would come in handy later on as an online music producer. There is also the personal development that goes along with that where when you aren’t learning what to do, you are learning what not to do.

I was lucky to have some recording success with getting some hit songs on radio, and producing some platinum and gold records. Around that time my wife and I, she was also in the music industry, were looking for a change and decided to head to Los Angeles for music. Around that time I thought of this idea of trying to bring world-class music production to anyone online for a fraction of the price of a typical studio. I started up Sundown Sessions Studio and became an online music producer and it has turned into a great success. It’s so great helping songwriters and artists who wouldn’t normally have access or be able to afford working with A-list sessions players and award-winning engineers. We hope to keep doing what we’re doing and giving our clients a huge head start in their music careers.”

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