Song Licensing Contest Winner!

Here is the song by our 1st place Song Licensing Contest Winner! After we narrowed down all the song entries, Ivan Petrov’s “In Spite Of It All” was put to a vote along with the others and this is who you chose. Along with the other finalists, Ivan’s song was produced through our online recording studio with the plan to shop the song to TV & film.

For the production of the song, Chris went for a modern ballad approach. At the end of the recording Chris felt something was missing, and asked one of our singers to add some orchestral background vocals. This really seemed to bring it home.

If you aren’t aware of the song contest, you can find out all about it here.

A little bit about Ivan…

Since he was a little boy, Ivan would listen to the radio and dream of how he was going to write songs so everyone would feel the influence of music. Life took a different direction, and after graduating from two technical universities he started his current career working on major railway construction projects around the globe. But as Ivan said like a true lyricist, “The mind cannot kill the heart’s call”.

One autumn day two years ago, he woke up with a song in his head, and tried to remember who was singing it. He looked through his song collection and online, but couldn’t figure it out. He wrote the lyrics down and then the next song came, and then the next. He decided to take part in a few international songwriting competitions and to his surprise two of his songs were semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting Contest, and another two were finalists in the American Songwriting Awards and the US Song of the Year Songwriting Contest. He says when he wrote songs it felt like his own sacred place, the right place.

We asked Ivan what it was like to work with Sundown Sessions Studio and he had this to say,

“When I started working with Chris, I expected to improve my song and “turn on” its full potential, bring the track the quality it needed. But he gave me far more than that – I learned so many new things in the process. Chris’ commitment and producing skills are absolutely incredible. An absolute top pro, who makes you give 110% and is not satisfied with the result until every single part of the track sounds fantastic! So, what is it like working with Sundown Sessions Studio? Only one word: Wow!”

When asked about his future in songwriting…

“Doing something you love for a living is a dream. I would really like to turn this dream into a reality and my goal is to work as a full-time songwriter and have my music placed in films/TV.”